terça-feira, abril 01, 2008

De um outro faroeste com John Wayne, não tão engraçado quanto Quando um homem é homem, mas não menos bom, a letra da música do Bravura Indômita, que em inglês é TRUE GRIT
(Comentário rápido: a letra é muito bonita e tem tudo a ver com o filme):
(Campbell Glen)
One day, little girl, the sadness will leave your face
As soon as you've won the fight to get justice done
Someday little girl you'll wonder what life's about
But other's have known few battles are won alone
So, you'll look around to find
Someone who's kind, someone who is fearless like you
The pain of it will ease a bit
When you find a man with true grit
One day you will rise and you won't believe your eyes
You'll wake up and see,
A world that is fine and free
Though summer seems far away
You will find the sun one day

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